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Chichester Community Fencing Club

Chichester Community Fencing Club is an ideal, family friendly way to start this fascinating sport.  Suitable for all ages (over 10), for men and women, boys and girls, it just requires your curiosity and willingness to have a go at something new.  The club provides all the equipment you need to get you started (on a borrowing basis - you may wish to buy your own equipment at a later stage) and excellent training from our BFA qualified and friendly volunteer coaches.  There are internal and external badges, awards, certifications and competitions to enter if you wish.  There is an annual membership fee but you can then pay on a session by session basis.  Fencing is an excellent way to keep fit, develop co-ordination and many other skills.  Chichester Community Fencing Club will help you do this in a welcoming, friendly and sociable atmosphere.  Families especially welcome. 

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