Sussex County Fencing

2018 Meeting - October





Present: Brian Causton (BC), Jim Whelan (JW), Will Miller (WM), Cheryl Deamer (CD), Dom Pitman (DM), Maggie Maynard (MM) Barry More (BM)

  1. Apologies for absence

    1. Apologies from Gordon Mankelow and Cat Gardiner

  1. Minutes

    1. The minutes of the 2018 AGM were accepted.

  1. Matters arising

    1. Matters arising from the AGM were addressed in the meeting agenda.

  1. Preparation for the Sussex Open 2018

    1. Referees were scarce due to an FIE event, which has since been cancelled, so some may now be available. Members were asked to pursue contacts, including Pat Casey, Luke Deamer and the Sheppard Fosters.

    2. Four pistes are to be retrieved by WM from the Elite Epee and BC would arrange their return.

    3. Ten boxes are being hired from PBT. BC would return them when returning the pistes.

    4. The increasing cost of halls, often due to outsourcing of venue hire, means that there is an increased risk that Sussex competitions will be loss-making. The cost of the hall for the Sussex Open would be over £800. Other venues will need to be investigated for future events.

    5. BC will order eight rolls of blue tape for pistes.

    6. A question arose whether prizes had been offered for the Sussex Open. BC would check Fencing Forum to see if this was the case.

    7. Having people assigned to do specific jobs was re-affirmed as good planning. WM noted two fencers were willing to come early to help. CD would check the venue opening time.

    8. JW would check remotes and box batteries on his return on 1 November.

    9. WM would collate a list of entrants from Sport80 and the Sussex site and distribute to the committee and Oliver Smith.

    10. Regarding publicity:

      1. WM to post on Facebook Fencing Competitions and the Sussex page. He would also do a mailshot. WM also would make MM a Facebook admin.

      2. BC would post on the Fencing Forum and try to get a link on the South East website.

  2. Secretary Role

    1. JW and WM to investigate whether the formal role could be subdivided, creating formal committee roles that might be offered to volunteeers at the next AGM.

  3. 2018-19 Fixture List

    1. JW moved that the U12 foil event on 20 January 2019 be moved to another date. WM would alter the website to reflect this. It was agreed to make the new event an U13, so that those would could not do the County Open, being under 13, could instead compete there.

  1. Website

    1. WM to put up a link to BF rankings and events.

  2. Finance Update

    1. A profit/loss analysis of each competition would be presented to the next AGM (BC)

    2. BC advised that the Union had £1469 in the current account, £6015 in savings and approximately £400 in Paypal.

  3. Any other business


  • There was a discussion of South East events, which committee members were involved in. CD is organising a combined BYC event. Lewes is hosting the SE Epee at the end of April. BC noted that the SE Foil would be at BACA in Brighton on 9 February.


  • WM agree to put up links in the Sussex site when of advised of details.


Will Miller

Hon. Sec. Sussex County Fencing Union