2020 AGM - 9 July







9 Jul 2020 20.00

Present: Brian Causton (BC), Jim Whelan (JW), Will Miller (WM), Cheryl Deamer (CD) Dominic Farrer (DF), Gordon Mankelow, Lewis McInley, Maggie Maynard (MM), Ian Lichfield (IL), Luke Deamer (LD), Jerry Lowen, Nigel Betterton, Karen Stanley.

  1. Apologies for absence: None

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting and outstanding actions

    1. The last committee meeting minutes were accepted.

    2. Actions arising:

      1. BC suggested that a migration to MetroBank was no longer needed as he is now better able to use NatWest banking functions. This action is closed.

      2. BC noted that the award of county colours was discussed at the last meeting and invited nominations for the next meeting. CD offered to resend an email with several names. (Action: All, CD)

      3. JW updated the meeting on the progress of acquiring new trophies: an U16 trophy for epee is now available and other trophies just need engraving. (Action: JW)

  2. Current Covid Status

    1. LD noted that BF presently publish guidance and risk templates for individual coaching and clubs, for restarting fencing. The government had made a Covid progress briefing earlier in the day, and it is anticipated BF will update guidance in the near future.

    2. DF told the meeting he started a Facebook group with other competition organisers, and that a surge of competitions is expected later in the year.

    3. IL works for BF and explained that with international events being scheduled, BF need sufficient prior qualifying events, which will also put additional pressure on the fencing calendar. He said it was a smart move to put the Sussex Open into Sport80 in late November.

    4. IL also informed the committee he is designing a new ranking scheme for intermediate and U23 fencers.

  3. Fitness Guides

    1. While it is acknowledged that the return to fencing may see additional physical injuries, producing such a guide is not the remit of the Sussex Fencing Union. Certainly, much other online information is available. LD noted that such injuries are included in the BF risk template for returning to fencing.

    2. CD said Crawley have begun running classes outdoors and asked if any other clubs are doing so, but no others are. WM noted that he has offered 1-2-1 lessons to his club, but so far has had no takers.

    3. DF asked about Summer Camps in Sussex. MM described the courses she runs with Indigo. She said, that once Covid conditions allow, a camp could be conducted.

  4. Chairs Report

    1. BC announced that he is stepping down as chair. He reminded members of the many Covid cancellations both in clubs sessions and competitions. This is on top of declining numbers at competitions. Over the previous year a number of competition efficiencies have been introduced, including holding team events on the same day as the individual competition.

  5. Treasurers Report

    1. BC showed a P&L and balance sheet for the Sussex Union finances. Cash holdings are £9160, up from £7939 last year, noting that these figures included an incurred future payment for pistes, but not of some small expenses.

    2. CD asked about the refund of GB Cup fees, given the GB Cup has been postponed, and potentially cancelled. BC advised that BF had suggested holding onto the fees for the moment. It was noted that BF hope to run the GB Cup alongside the GB Nationals in December.

  6. Secretaries Report

    1. WM noted that with Covid, not much has happened during the year. However, the major challenge for the committee would be to facilitate the return to fencing by clubs, the nature of which might well be altered, for example, if new distance rules apply longer term. While BF is producing thorough guides for this process, Sussex Union should assist where it can in bedding them in.

  7. Officer Holders

    1. BC nominated DF as the new chair, and WM seconded it.

    2. All other role holders remained in place, except for CD, who resigned earlier in the year as Competitions Manager.

    3. MM thanked CD for all her hard work and this was endorsed by the committee.

    4. WM asked if anyone else present would like to try the competitions manager role. DF offered to do what he could. No volunteers were noted. Accordingly, the Competitions Manager role is vacant.

  8. Any other business

    1. As new chair, DF hoped to visit all clubs in the region, Covid conditions allowing. A shared Covid planning session with clubs could be held. DF would also arrange a committee meeting in September or October. (Action DF)

    2. WM thanked BC for all his superb work as chair, and the committee endorsed it.

    1. Meeting closed at 9 pm.

Will Miller

Hon. Sec. Sussex County Fencing Union






Put forward fencers for potential award of County Colours (All)

9 Jul 2020: CD resent an email including several names.


Arrange a committee meeting in Sept-Oct 2020 (DF)



Source a trophy for the U16 Team Foil (JW)

9 Jul 2020: An U16 trophy for epee has been found. Other trophies need to be engraved.


Email clubs about their equipment needs, in preparation for a One Family grant (BC)

11 Nov 19: BC advised that a grant application for a high-end scoring box had been submitted.


Find and book venues for the 2019-20 fixture list (CD)

11 Nov 19: Venues selected for Sussex Open, U12 and Sabre foil, and Sussex Epee.


Confirm dates for the 2020 County Foil events (CD)

11 Nov 19: Venues being finalised.


Fulfil requirements for the Sussex Open as per minutes (ALL)

11 Nov 19: Referees the major factor as per minutes above. Pistes are being picked up from London. Boxes would be sourced from Kent.


Arrange an online account with dual signatories (BC)

9 Jul 2020: the committees agrees to remain with Natwest. Action closed.

30 Nov 2019: Committee agrees to change banks to the Metrobank.


Email clubs about reciprocal membership arrangements (WM)

30 April 2019: Clubs emailed. Nil response. No interest.


A fixture list should be prepared and presented to the AGM. (CD)

23 Jul 2019: Fixture list to be discussed at Committee meeting.


The website would be upgraded. (WM)

30 June 2019: Entry system taken out of website. Menu used to link to Sport80/AllEntries. Key factor is to keep emails, which is linked to the entry system – MailChimp has some.

Apr 2019: BC provided a link to Allentries, showing how the Vet’s website had integrated.

Apr 2019: WM consulted with a Wordpress developer.


Subdivide formal Secretary roles to offer to people at the next AGM. (WM and JW)

Proposal created for discussion at the 9 Apr meeting.

Complete: Roles agreed at the 9 Apr 2019 meeting


Present a profit/loss analysis of each competition to the next AGM (BC)

9 Jul 2020: Few county competitions were held due to Covid.

9 Apr 19: BC explained that it would be difficult to unpick the profit/loss of past competitions, but would do so on a rolling basis after the 2019 AGM.


Produce a PDF of competitions and calendar. This would be put onto the website (JW and WM)

9 Jul 2020: Competitions Manager position is vacant.

9 Apr 19: this task now comes under the remit of the Competitions Manager.


Send the competition calendar as mailshot (WM)

9 Apr 2019: A link would be sent to a fixture/info list.


Acquire a further competition level scoring box (BC)

9 Apr 19. Meeting confirmed that a Favero ARM5 model was needed.

30 Nov 19: Brian has put in a grant application for a top end box.