Sussex County Fencing

2019 Meeting - 10 November







10 Nov 2019 12.30pm

Present: Brian Causton (BC), Jim Whelan (JW), Will Miller (WM), Cheryl Deamer (CD), Dom Pitman (DM), Maggie Maynard (MM)

  1. Apologies for absence Michael Questier

  1. Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising

    1. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted. BC noted that he had applied for a One Family investment group grants for clubs asking for a state of the art scoring box with tower lights and a metal piste, of a cost of approximately £5,000.

  2. 2019-20 County Fixture List

    1. Further dates for the fixture list were as follows:

    • County U12, U14 and SE Foil open to be held on 26 Jan 2020 – the latter providing selection for GB Cup entries. BC is to distribute the BF email regarding the GB Cup. (Action: BC - completed)

    • County Foil Individual and Team is to be held on 4 July 2020. This will incorporate the Novice and U16 event, with winners being selected from the main competition.

    1. CD is to finalise the venue details for these event, tbc (Action: CD)

  1. Sussex Open 2019

    1. The competition is to be held on 30 Nov-1 Dec 2019.

    • Pistes: CD noted that England Fencing pistes had been booked and were to be picked up from north London. (Action: CD)

    • Boxes. Peter Huggins has offered Kent boxes. WM offered to pick them up from Tenterden club on the Thursday 28 November. CD would liaise with Peter. (Action: WM and CD)

    • Advertising: advertising efforts have included the distribution of fliers and online promotion.

    • Referees: The key issue is foil and sabre. Peter Huggins has agreed to referee; there is possibility Luke Deamer may, if he’s not fencing. BC will ask Corsini. MM would ask the sabre referee used last year. (Action: MM)

    • Armourer: CD reported that Andy would only be available on Saturday, but Theresa on both days. An “apprentice” armourer would also be available. Dave Lichfield had been asked at the Chichester Open and BC would confirm (Action: BC)

    • DT: Oliver Smith had agreed to be DT and will bring along screens.

    • Refreshments: cakes and fruit etc will be brought along (CD).

BC noted that Excalibur Fencing want to do a stand at the Sussex Open. However, the Armourers carry PBT gear and make a small profit. It was agreed Excalibur could have a stand in the foyer, if they offered prizes for winners. (Action: BC)

  1. AllEntries vs Sport80

    1. WM noted that it had been difficult to get the AllEntries administrator to put in small corrections, whereas with Sport80 it was possible to do the edits oneself. MM suggested that Sport80 were in the red, that they took several months to hand over competition payments, that BF had stopped using Sport80, and that once a competition was set up in AllEntries, future administration would be straightforward. WM asked whether there was any proof of Sport80 being in financial difficulty. CD offered to provide such proof, and also noted that if the committee were able to give finalised competition information to AllEntries, the latter might well be able to respond to change requests more easily. WM agreed. (Action: CD)

  2. Any other business

    1. On running the BYC, members agreed that the BF cut of takings, with no value-add, made it very difficult to run a professional competition. Regions were in a bind, however, because BF used the BYCs as a ranking event for junior selection.

    2. CD is looking into whether she might be able to run the BYCs, and thinks she may be able to do so over 7-8 March 2020, potentially at Whitgift School.

    3. DP raised the matter of BF wanting all parents helping with club fencing to have a Protecting Children qualification. MM noted how difficult it is to find a course nearby – DP said he had to travel to Nottingham. WM said he uses Active Sussex courses, which BF accept; he noted that BF does not accept local authority school courses, which have to be done every two years and which differ from the Sport versions barely at all.

    4. JW raised the issue of whether having an U16 Team foil event should be continued, and if so, should a trophy be sourced. The committee were affirmative on both accounts. JW to source a trophy. (Action: JW)

    1. Meeting closed at 2 pm.

Will Miller

Hon. Sec. Sussex County Fencing Union






Source a trophy for the U16 Team Foil (JW)



Email clubs about their equipment needs, in preparation for a One Family grant (BC)

11 Nov 19: BC advised that a grant application for a high-end scoring box had been submitted.


Find and book venues for the 2019-20 fixture list (CD)

11 Nov 19: Venues selected for Sussex Open, U12 and Sabre foil, and Sussex Epee.


Confirm dates for the 2020 County Foil events (CD)

11 Nov 19: Venues being finalised.


Fulfil requirements for the Sussex Open as per minutes (ALL)

11 Nov 19: Referees the major factor as per minutes above. Pistes are being picked up from London. Boxes would be sourced from Kent.


Arrange an online account with dual signatories (BC)



Email clubs about reciprocal membership arrangements (WM)

30 April 2019: Clubs emailed. Nil response. No interest.


A fixture list should be prepared and presented to the AGM. (CD)

23 Jul 2019: Fixture list to be discussed at Committee meeting.


The website would be upgraded. (WM)

30 June 2019: Entry system taken out of website. Menu used to link to Sport80/AllEntries. Key factor is to keep emails, which is linked to the entry system – MailChimp has some.

Apr 2019: BC provided a link to Allentries, showing how the Vet’s website had integrated.

Apr 2019: WM consulted with a Wordpress developer.


Subdivide formal Secretary roles to offer to people at the next AGM. (WM and JW)

Proposal created for discussion at the 9 Apr meeting.

Complete: Roles agreed at the 9 Apr 2019 meeting


Present a profit/loss analysis of each competition to the next AGM (BC)

9 Apr 19: BC explained that it would be difficult to unpick the profit/loss of past competitions, but would do so on a rolling basis after the 2019 AGM.


Produce a PDF of competitions and calendar. This would be put onto the website (JW and WM)

9 Apr 19: this task now comes under the remit of the Competitions Manager.


Send the competition calendar as mailshot (WM)

9 Apr 2019: A link would be sent to a fixture/info list.


Acquire a further competition level scoring box (BC)

9 Apr 19. Meeting confirmed that a Favero ARM5 model was needed.