Sussex County Fencing

2019 AGM - 19 July





Present: Brian Causton (BC), Jim Whelan (JW), Will Miller (WM), Cheryl Deamer (CD), Dom Pitman (DM), Maggie Maynard (MM) Steve Elliot (SE), Michael Questier (MQ), Mr & Mrs Whittaker

  1. Apologies for absence - None

  1. Minutes

    1. The minutes of the last AGM were accepted.

  1. Matters arising

    1. Matters arising from the previous AGM were managed by the in-year committee meetings. Regarding matters from the last April committee meeting, WM noted that the website would need to be upgraded as newer devices and software were creating issues with the payment system.

  1. Chair’s Report

    1. BC reported that South East Competitions had been run by clubs over the past few years and this would continue as it had the benefit of introducing clubs to the art of running competitions. The downside was that ideally a central location is required for maximum catchment. If numbers aren’t high enough for County events, in particular for foil and sabre, some Sussex competitions may have to be amalgamated with the regional events.

  2. Competiton Manager’s Report

    1. CD noted that low numbers were becoming critical, especially when fencers did not enter until the very last moment. The County Foil was on the verge of being cancelled, and a planned referee was let go.

  3. Treasurer’s Report

    1. BC tabled both Income and Expenditure, and Balance sheets. Overall, the county competitions made a loss of -£834.34 over the year, with the main expense being venue hire (£1547.40). The Sussex Open made a profit of £817. However, further expenses – repairs, website costs and expenses, took the annual loss to -£297. The Balance Sheet shows assets of £7850.67. The Sussex Fencing Union is financially healthy and, with attention given to the financing of its competitions, will remain so. BC noted that bank branches were closing, making banking difficult. BC would arrange an online account with dual signatories (BC)

  4. Secretary’s ReportActions had been monitored and followed up during the year. The splitting of the secretary’s role had been completed and had resulted in a competition manager post (CD) and an awards manager role (JW)

  5. Election of officers

    1. Re-Election of Officers voted and seconded en bloc:

  • BC as Chair BC as TreasurerWM as SecretaryMM as Publicity Officer

  • WM as Webmaster.

  • DP as Welfare Office.

  • JW as Awards MAnager.CD as Competition Manager.

    1. The election of the Committee was carried.

  1. Any other business

    1. Competition Fees were set at: Senior £18 (£24 late), and Junior £12 (£18 late)

    1. A reminder that clubs should bid for the running of the SE Region events.

    1. Meeting closed at 13.30 pm.

Will Miller

Hon. Sec. Sussex County Fencing Union