Sussex County Fencing

2021 Meeting - 8 June






8 Jun 2021 20:00

Present: Dominic Farrar (DF), Brian Causton (BC), Jim Whelan (JW), Will Miller (WM), Cheryl Deamer (CD) Dominic Pitman (DP) Gordon Mankelow (GM) Della Bowley (DB), Gary Brown (GB)

  1. Apologies for absence: Maggie Maynard

  2. Restarting Competitions after Covid

    1. A discussion was held about the most efficacious way to restart the County competitions, considering Covid restrictions on participant numbers based on hall size.

    2. The committee noted the low feedback from the club survey and went around the table to get an indicative fencer numbers for foil and epee.

    3. As a result, for the County events, the committee decided to go back to holding a single weapon, epee, on Sun 11 July 2021.

    4. Both a senior and a junior epee event would be held. In the past both U12 and U14 age groups were put on, but this will depend on numbers. Clubs are urged to complete the survey if they haven’t done so already (Action: All)

    5. Also, both individual events and a team event would be held. Only one round of poules could take place to limit the maximum number of hits against another person to under 30.

    6. DB is to booking the Lewes gym for above date. (Action: DB)

    7. A competition sheet would be produced, which will need to include Covid precautions information (Action: WM) The likely entry will be via AllEntry.

    8. GM offered the possibility of a pre-competition Covid registration, using the system he developed for the Lewes Club.

    9. BC will acquire the competition license from BF once the hall is confirmed. (Action: BC)

    10. Only four metal pistes will be used, together with Sussex boxes held at Portslade. Lewes offered boxes, which are in situ. CD offered to assist in moving gear.

    11. Referees will be sourced, particularly for the kids who need more management than senior epeeists. WM noted that kids benefit from a metal piste as they make a significant number of unintended floor hits.

  1. Signatories

    1. BC informed the committee that he had managed to get an online account account with NatWest and received £200 compensation for the trouble to date. DF is to be a second signatory. (Action: BC, DF)

  2. AOB

    1. DF asked that clubs inform members that Sussex County is seeking people to fill the roles of 1. a Deptury Treasurer and, 2. Social Media and Web Master. (Action: All)

    2. CD asked about the difficult in putting on beginner’s courses under Covid restrictions. GB said he would feed back after the first week. (Action: GB)

Meeting adjourned.





8 Jun 21

Clubs are urged to complete the survey if they haven’t done so already (Action: All)


8 Jun 21

DB is to book Lewes gym for county epee on 11 Jul 21. (Action: DB)

10 Jul 21: DB has contacted gym and requests confirmation.

8 Jun 21

A County Epee competition sheet will be produced, including Covid precautions information (Action: WM)


8 Jun 21

Acquire the competition license from BF (Action: BC)


8 Jun 21

Clubs inform members that Sussex County is seeking people to fill the roles of 1. a Deptury Treasurer and, 2. Social Media and Web Master. (Action: All)


8 Jun 21

GB will feed back on the difficulties of running a beginners’ course under Covid (Action: GB)



MM to prepare a membership numbers survey to be sent to clubs.

Survey sent to clubs


DF to speak to Gordon Mankelow about holding a combined county event at Lewes, and/or source another venue for 2/3 July 2021, ideally for an entire weekend.

Lewes fening club is to host the Sussex County event on 11 July 2021.


Put forward fencers for potential award of County Colours (All)

9 Jul 2020: CD resent an email including several names.


Arrange a committee meeting in Sept-Oct 2020 (DF)

Meeting held in December 2020.


Source a trophy for the U16 Team Foil (JW)

9 Jul 2020: An U16 trophy for epee has been found. Other trophies need to be engraved.


Arrange an online account with dual signatories (BC)

8 Jun 2021: Online account completed. DF is to become second signatory.

9 Jul 2020: the committees agrees to remain with Natwest.

30 Nov 2019: Committee agrees to change banks to the Metrobank.

22 Dec 2020: Action reopened. BC to arrange additional signatories for a NatWest online account.


A fixture list should be prepared and presented to the AGM. (CD)

23 Jul 2019: Fixture list to be discussed at Committee meeting.


The website would be upgraded. (WM)

30 June 2019: Entry system taken out of website. Menu used to link to Sport80/AllEntries. Key factor is to keep emails, which is linked to the entry system – MailChimp has some.

Apr 2019: BC provided a link to Allentries, showing how the Vet’s website had integrated.

Apr 2019: WM consulted with a Wordpress developer.


Present a profit/loss analysis of each competition to the next AGM (BC)

9 Jul 2020: Few county competitions were held due to Covid.

9 Apr 19: BC explained that it would be difficult to unpick the profit/loss of past competitions, but would do so on a rolling basis after the 2019 AGM.


Produce a PDF of competitions and calendar. This would be put onto the website (JW and WM)

9 Jul 2020: Competitions Manager position is vacant.

9 Apr 19: this task now comes under the remit of the Competitions Manager.


Send the competition calendar as mailshot (WM)

9 Apr 2019: A link would be sent to a fixture/info list.


Acquire a further competition level scoring box (BC)

9 Apr 19. Meeting confirmed that a Favero ARM5 model was needed.

30 Nov 19: Brian has put in a grant application for a top end box.

21 Dec 2020: BC reported grant was not successful.