Sussex County Fencing

2022 Meeting - 2 August






2 August 2022 07:30

Present: Dominic Farrer (DF), Brian Causton (BC), Gordon Mankelow (GM), Jim Whelan (JW), Will Miller (WM), Cheryl Deamer (CD), Maggie Maynard (MM)

  1. Apologies for absence: Della Bowley

  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

    1. Updates to outstanding actions are reflected in the attached Progress Against Actions document

  1. 2022 County Junior and SE Region Epee – Review

    1. The committee noted that recent competitions went well, notably the county junior and the SE Epee. One point raised was that county kit should be labelled so that it can be separated easily. This would be done at the next competition. BC would talk to Nigel about this action (Action: BC)

    2. BC noted that first aid was expensive, and GM suggested Rebecca Stanley might be a useful resource, as she is involved with St Johns Ambulance (Action: GM).

    3. MM suggested having “Sussex County” printed on the Sussex pistes and the committee agreed she get a quote (Action: MM)

  1. 2022 Sussex Open – Planning

    1. A competition date of Nov 26 and 27 2022, was agreed, with the epee on Sunday, to not conflict with the Leon Paul women's epee. (This item is discussed further below).

  1. Calendar

    1. Dates were agreed and/or noted as follows:

      1. Oct 1-2, 2022: County Epee, Foil and Sabre

      2. Nov 26 and 27 2022: Sussex Open

      3. 28-29 Jan 2023: BYC (Crawley Club is managing)

      4. Before May 2023: Junior epee, foil and sabre

      5. July (ish) SE Region epee (depending on SE decision-making)

    2. BC would check venue availability for the County events (Action: BC).

    3. CD noted that the Triangle had been pencilled in for the Sussex Open, and will confirm (Action: CD)

    4. AllEntries will be used for the County Event, and Sport80, for the Sussex. (Action: BC)

    5. CD noted that after an audit of unused medals, there was enough for several competitions. CD would circulate the audit by email (Action: CD). BC noted that he has a printer than can label these medals appropriately.

    6. WM is to update the Sussex site with dates (Action: WM)

  1. Treasurer Report

    1. BC tabled an abbreviated P&L, showing Sussex to be £3,609.31 in credit.

  1. AGM Zoom meeting

    1. It was agreed to hold the AGM at the County event in October, so no Zoom meeting is necessary (Action: WM)

  1. AOB

    1. JW noted that the committee needed to consider awards of County Colours and the Geoff Griffin Award. JW to circulate the criteria for the GG award by email (Action: JW). Nominations should be made to the committee by December 2022 (Action: All).

PROGRESS AGAINST ACTIONS (Completed events are shaded. Older completions are deleted.)





BC to speak to Nigel about labelling County gear at the next competition



GM to speak to Rebecca Stanley about First Aid provision at competitions



MM to get a quote for printing “Sussex County” on pistes



BC to check venue availability for the County event, and CD to confirm the Triangle for the Sussex



BC to put the County event on AllEntries, and Sussex on Sport80.



CD to email an audit of unused medals.



WM to update website with known calendar dates.



WM to ensure AGM occurs at County event



JW to circulate criteria for Geoff Griffin Awards



All to consult Clubs for awards of County Colours and Geoff Griffin awards.



WM to update website on Junior date of 14 May (WM)



CD to ask whether Theresa and Phil can be armourers for the County Junior event (CD)



MM to be Welfare officer at the junior event and SE Epee (MM)



CD to consult with Ian Lichfield about a “thank you” for Dave Lichfield (CD)

2 Aug 22: CD noted that IL hasn't been to Crawley Club very frequently.


DF to circulate an editing draft of the Constitution



Source a trophy for the U16 Team Foil (JW)

2 Aug 2022: JW advised that this was complete.

21 Jul 2021: BC has the Sussex Ladies Sabre.

9 Jul 2020: An U16 trophy for epee has been found. Other trophies need to be engraved.


Arrange an online account with dual signatories (BC)

2 Aug 22: BC to forward forms to DF

21 Jul 2021: BC to forward correct forms to DF

8 Jun 2021: Online account completed. DF is to become second signatory.

9 Jul 2020: the committees agrees to remain with Natwest.

30 Nov 2019: Committee agrees to change banks to the Metrobank.

22 Dec 2020: Action reopened. BC to arrange additional signatories for a NatWest online account.


A fixture list should be prepared and presented to the AGM. (DF/CD)

21 Jul 2021: DF and CD would produce a ficture list before the next AGM.

23 Jul 2019: Fixture list to be discussed at Committee meeting.


The website would be upgraded. (WM)

21 Jul 2021: WM noted it was a big job, but it needed to be done.

30 June 2019: Entry system taken out of website. Menu used to link to Sport80/AllEntries. Key factor is to keep emails, which is linked to the entry system – MailChimp has some.

Apr 2019: BC provided a link to Allentries, showing how the Vet’s website had integrated.

Apr 2019: WM consulted with a Wordpress developer.


Present a profit/loss analysis of each competition to the next AGM (BC)

28 Sep 2021: BC to provide options to the next committee for reporting competitions

21 Jul 2021: to be incorporated into BAU

9 Jul 2020: Few county competitions were held due to Covid.

9 Apr 19: BC explained that it would be difficult to unpick the profit/loss of past competitions, but would do so on a rolling basis after the 2019 AGM.


Produce a PDF of competitions and calendar. This would be put onto the website (JW and WM)

9 Jul 2020: Competitions Manager position is vacant.

9 Apr 19: this task now comes under the remit of the Competitions Manager.


Send the competition calendar as mailshot (WM)

9 Apr 2019: A link would be sent to a fixture/info list.


Acquire a further competition level scoring box (BC)

2 Aug 2022: Completed - It was noted that 3 pistes were bought instead.

5 Apr 2022: BC to acquire a Favero box similar to that purchased by B&H club.

21 Jul 2021: The discussion on new equipment continues, revolving around new wifi equipment vs renting boxes and pistes.

9 Apr 19. Meeting confirmed that a Favero ARM5 model was needed.

30 Nov 19: Brian has put in a grant application for a top end box.

21 Dec 2020: BC reported grant was not successful.