Sussex County Fencing

Harvey's Epee Series Scoring

Harvey’s South East Epee Series

Summary of Scoring Process

This is the inaugural year of the Harvey’s South East Epee Series, which is intended to help encourage fencing in the South East. That has informed the development of the scoring system for the series, which aims to balance participation levels with an equitable weighting process. The overall process is outlined below.

The overall score for a fencer is calculated on the back of their results across the series excluding their worst score. (The score is simply your rank in each competition. This means that the total of your best four places fencing in the South East Open competitions in the season are added together to form the overall score. As there are five Open competitions, the least best will not count to your total).

As an example:

Fencer A’s rank in competitions: 2, (3), 1, 1, 1 = 5 (The 3rd place is the worst score, and so removed from the overall calculation).

The series calculation will be the sum of a fencers positions and the fencer with the lowest combined points score after discard will be the winner.

If a fencer does not take part in a competition, then they would receive a score based upon the total number of fencers at the missed completion, plus an additional point. So, if 40 were fencing in the competition that the fencer did not compete in, then the score attached to the fencer for that competition would be 41.

As an example:

Fencer B competes in 4 competitions and their rank is: 1, 1, 2, 2, (missed competition with 40 fencers, so score of 41. As this is the worst score it is excluded from the overall calculation) = 6