Sussex County Colours

The Sussex ‘County Colours’ Award Scheme

This note explains the ‘County Colours’ award scheme of Sussex County
Fencing Union. This includes details of how to apply and the process by which
nominations will be assessed.
The purpose behind the ‘County Colours’ award scheme is to represent a
mark of achievement, and act as an encouragement to others. As such,
County Colours are not an automatic award, but will be awarded to individuals
who have represented Sussex Fencing in a significant way.
Nominations for the award should be made to the Sussex County Fencing
Union Committee, who will determine if an award is to be made. There is no
prescribed format for such nominations, but they should include details of the
name of the candidate, club affiliation in the County, and the reason for their
A rigid set of awarding criteria has been avoided. Instead, a set of guideline
examples of the type of achievement that would merit consideration has been
listed below. The list is not exhaustive but should indicate the type of standard
that the Sussex County Fencing Union Committee will be using to judge the
awarding of County Colours.
  • County Colours may be awarded to individuals who have:
  • Won an Open competition;
  • Been in the Top 3 of two or more Opens in one season;
  • Won a major non-Open competition;
  • Been in the Top 3 of a Junior or Cadet competition;
  • Formally represented the County at three events (e.g. Excalibur);
  • Been selected to represent GB or Home Nation; or
  • Provided significant support to the running of County competitions or
  • similar activities.
Submissions can be made via email ( or in
writing. This can be to either of the following officers of the Sussex County
Fencing Union Committee:
Chair: Dominic Farrar
Hon Sec: Will Miller –
Proposed Candidates 2020
Jamie Briggs
Harry Gray
Ingrid Heskett
Isaac Jolley
Chiara McDermott
Rosie Whittaker
Brian Causton